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  1. Pats sign Tebow

    The Ghost of Al Davis offered Belichick the Raiders' next 10 first round picks for Brady.
  2. Pats sign Tebow

    If the stories are true and he's exclusively working as the 3rd QB, it depends on whether or not they have the roster spot to carry him. But I'm with you on this. Unless they have room for a third signal caller, he's not going to make it to September. Maybe Kraft is trying to increase ticket sales for the preseason games? LOL...
  3. Pats sign Tebow

    I bet everyone started parking further from the stadium this week. What with those wayward footballs flying from the field and finding windshields.
  4. Read something about him losing snaps to Deaderick as the season wore on last year. I think they were becoming a little disenchanted with him anyway, and the inability to maintain his weight could have been the last straw. He'd get demolished in that role at anything less than 300 lbs.
  5. Peyton to Brady: Na na nanana!

    Then Brady texted back, saying, "Peyton, how my ass taste?!?!!" :)
  6. Seahawks CB Richard Sherman vs Skip Bayless.

    I can't believe it but I'm actually going to defend Skip Bayless. Sherman is making more of a name for himself with his mouth than he is with his play on the field, and that's pretty crazy because his play on the field is damn good. If Skip is as much of a failure as Sherman believes, why does Sherman care what he thinks? He came off looking like an ass.
  7. Of all the Gronkowski body parts to become infected, his arm would have ranked last on my list of guesses...
  8. Brady knows that making an extra $20M won't change his life nearly as much as winning another title would. Smart move by both him and the team.
  9. That kinda sucks, he played well last year. I didn't know the NFL would suspend a player for an incident that took place before he was actually IN the NFL though. That seems a little excessive to me. But it won't matter if Dennard is in jail.
  10. I just think the irony is kind of funny. I mean, the NFL... they have the "Rooney Rule" about coaching hires... they denied Rush Limbaugh's bid for partial ownership of the Rams because he's made racist comments... But they have a team called "The Redskins." I generally refer to this kind of thing (which I liken to an older relative making an unintentionally bigoted remark) as "folksy racism."
  11. Next Years Super Bowl

    Where the stadium is located (Rte 1 in Foxboro) there are endless strip malls and chain hotels... I think they'd be able to handle that part of it. Where is LOS relative to the downtown Indy area? Never been to your fair city, unfortunately... no mountains.
  12. Next Years Super Bowl

    I can only speak for New England as a possible host site, but I think the fact that Gillette is so far from Boston (about 40 miles, I believe, and an hour's drive) would work against it. It's also not a particularly large stadium, just kind of average-sized. I don't know if the infrastructure is all there. Maybe I'm wrong and it's not THAT different from hosting an AFCCG, which obviously has been done in NE, but I get the impression that a lot more goes into it. Not to mention, the media would hate being holed up in Foxboro, MA for a week!
  13. Wes Welker's wife goes off on Ray Lewis on Facebook

    I can't even imagine the legendary, once-in-a-lifetime performance we will see from Ray-Ray if the Ravens win on Sunday. I hope he does that thing again where he gets on his hands and knees and speaks in tongues, apparently to the turf itself.
  14. Brady Fined for Kicking Ed Reed

    Not only was it a dumb move by Brady but he's lucky he didn't hurt himself doing it. What an awkward slide... just get down, Tom.