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  1. Come Penetrate My MVP Poll

    I don't particulary like you anymore than you like me. In any event I'm thinking maybe she was referring to something else when she made that post and if so I was the asshole.
  2. Come Penetrate My MVP Poll

    Now that i have conceded , I would like to tell you to eat shit. You and another poster (female) have stated one too many times that some of us actually were hoping that Manning couldn't make it back so it would clear the way for Luck. I'm pretty sure the above is insinuating that. Really an asshole thing to accuse someone of when you are not nearly smart enough to get into someone's mind on a message board.
  3. Come Penetrate My MVP Poll

    Thank you for the vote and I can't imagine why anyone is making an issue over how you wanted to vote. Your vote went to a true Colt fan who has lived and died since 1960 with this team.
  4. Come Penetrate My MVP Poll

    I'll give my congratulations and concession speach now . The voting was close and I'm happy to have 6 votes. I lost to a better poster. However ... I'm not happy with Indy 4 erroneously saying that I won the award before. It could have swung a vote her way and I would battle a little harder as I would only be down 8-7. But I'll admit that that was a hell of a campain tactic.
  5. Free Agency Frenzy! Players Visiting Teams News

    I have a feeling Coach Pagano didnt feel he fit too well. I'm sure he didn't get a whole lot in a one year deal , so mofre than likely we didnt try to keep him.
  6. Come Penetrate My MVP Poll

    Yea.. I maybe was nominated to be tarred and feathered but never been even in this "competition" before yet alone win one. But I can line with the unfair adverse campaign add. I like my oponnant and the award will be in S. California which works for me.
  7. Kiper's Colt Draft

    The guy with the hair has this is say..... I had earlier posted in the draft thread that the Colts will go WR with pick 2.2. I agree with Kiper that they could and might go with Fleener if he's still there. I think his Pro day probably put him in the later part of round 1. Think about this: The Indianapolis Colts have picked inside the top 20 in the NFL draft exactly one time in the last 12 years. Once! That one pick inside the top 20 was in 2002 when, at No. 11, they grabbed a pass-rusher by the name of Dwight Freeney. Now, drafting high certainly doesn't promise anything, but it's absolutely fair to say you have a higher chance of landing a dynamic talent. In the last 16 drafts, the Colts have picked inside the top 20 five times. They have (or had)Marvin Harrison, Tarik Glenn, Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James and Freeney to show for it. Every one of them has been to multiple Pro Bowls. I make this point because while it's a foregone conclusion that Indy will draft Andrew Luck at No. 1 this year, that No. 34 pick the Colts have in Round 2 is basically the same kind of value they've been getting out of their first pick for years. When you're consistently picking deep into the 20s, as the Colts have, you're starting to split hairs when you say the guy taken at No. 27 is clearly better than the guy taken at, say, No. 35. This is why, when we get past the first round, you'll hear me say "I have him with a second-round grade" or "I have him with a third- to fifth-round grade." There's elite talent at the top, but as you get deeper, the differences between players are harder to parse, and you care more about how the players fit systems and fill key needs when assessing the immediate success of the draft. As we look at the Colts' upcoming draft, Indy fans can be excited not just about Luck, but about the next couple picks where -- given the many needs this team has -- Indy should get players who can help early. We also can't rip Indy for not being overly aggressive in free agency. For one thing, it doesn't make sense to add veteran pieces when you're in a clear rebuilding mode. Also, the team has about $37 million in dead money toward the cap. So even after free agency, a lot of the key needs remain. I'd like the Colts to find a wide receiver or tight end who can be integrated quickly. The Colts really need help on the defensive interior, both at nose tackle and at 3-4 defensive end, as they implement Chuck Pagano's system. They also need help at corner, linebacker and on the interior of the offensive line, depending on how they move guys around. In the second round (No. 34), I think the first goal would be to find maximum value at tight end or wide receiver. Coby Fleener might not be around after rising to the top of the tight end class, but if he is, it would obviously be a great fit. Luck reads tight ends so well, loves to use them, and Bruce Arians has always utilized good tight ends, or developed them. Still, if Fleener is gone andKendall Wright or Stephen Hill are available, the Colts can add a WR just as easily. I think this spot might be a slight reach for Alshon Jeffery. The Colts could also look for great value on the defensive line here, and look for a guy like Jeffery later. Kendall Reyes or even Jerel Worthy could be tempting here as Indy looks for guys who can occupy and stuff the run, which was a huge problem in Indianapolis last season. At No. 64 overall, if the Colts didn't take a pass-catching target earlier, they should get one here. Tight end Dwayne Allen could still be available, or perhaps a WR like Rueben Randle falls this far.Brian Quick, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound WR out of Appalachian State that I really like, could also be in the mix here. If the Colts have taken a wideout, they should look for talent on the defensive line here. Brandon Thompson out of Clemson could be there, or maybe Jared Crick out of Nebraska if you want a guy more in the J.J. Watt mold, a 3-4 DE that can really penetrate. A NT option could be Alameda Ta'amu out of Washington. If Indy loves the value, a corner here might be a guy likeJayron Hosley, a really gifted and instinctive corner out of Virginia Tech. In the fourth round (No. 97), the Colts could go in a lot of directions. This is where you look to maximize value regardless of position, or find a guy who can fit a need early on, even if there's a limited ceiling. Billy Winn (Boise State) and Mike Daniels (Iowa) could be good fits for the defensive scheme. Or maybe this is where Pagano looks for a true 3-4 OLB to fit his system, given that Freeney doesn't want to stand up. Olivier Vernon (Miami) is a good college DE who could transition well to the 3-4 OLB, as could Shea Mcclellin (Boise State). From there, of course, it's a crapshoot. The Colts, however, should get at least three guys and maybe more from this draft capable of starting early. They certainly have a ton of needs to fill, but in some ways that's a draft advantage, because you're more likely to simply maximize talent regardless of the position you're in. And Indy should have plenty of peace of mind about pick No. 1
  8. Andrew Luck with Gruden on ESPN Tonight

    Great find. Really sounds like a kid that's going to "crumple" under the pressure of replacing Peyton Manning.
  9. Come Penetrate My MVP Poll

    Did I do the penetrating or was I penetrated ? Maybe if I understood the IIR , i would get the joke.
  10. Dalas Clark

    Don't forget that stampede blue is a few fans writting football stories. The only thing we know that is true is that he hasn't been "sought after." Certainly looks like if he plays , it will not be a big or probably even decent contract.
  11. Come Penetrate My MVP Poll

    Not that I care a whole lot but what did I already have once ?
  12. Dalas Clark

    From stampede blue... Dallas Clark's Career Might Be Over by Brad Wells on Mar 29, 2012 8:00 AM EDT in Colts Analysis Andy Lyons - Getty ImagesMore photos » (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) The old adage in the business that is the NFL is this: If, after the start of free agency to the beginning of the March owners meeting, you haven't signed a new deal with a team, you are either done or you're going to sign a one-year deal, vet-minimum deal. So, what do it think it means when Jacob Tamme has a new contract andDallas Clark does not? Tamme, who has always been Clark's back-up, and who is clearly an inferior tight end when all is said and done, has three-year, $9 million contract with Denver. Meanwhile, Clark hasn't even gotten a sniff. I mean, nothing. This leads inquiring minds like me to believe that Clark might be done. I'm not the only one thinking this either. Albert Breer✔ @AlbertBreer ... If I had to guess, even w/Saturday, I think the Packers still draft a C high. And a scout told me earlier today Clark may be finished. 23 Mar 12 If true , pretty much makes every cut (not PM) a no brainer. I guess maybe we all just don't know shit. Myself and others were clamoring for the Colts to sign Garay and you read hes back with SD on a 2 year deal. Sounds like there was no market for the guy. Some thought it was insane to cut Clark , even though he was scheduled to be the highest paid TE in the league. I don't wish the guy any bad luck but geez.. he might not get half what Tamme got. I guess bottom line is from one year to the next is a crap shoot in the NFL after 30.
  13. COLTS Trivia/Fact of the Day! 2012 Edition!

    ESPN had a series on a whie ago depictng the game and players in that era. It was very emotinal watching it. The game and players were just so different than what we have today. Mays , Robinson , Mantle and Clemente says it all. As far as the pitchers , Marichal was great , Spahn too ...Drysdale and Bunning. But Koufax in hs prime years just dominanted those guys. You saw Bob Gibson in his prime... right ? He was a bit later.
  14. great article on Manning's path to denver

    I'm surprised to hear that. That one is on Irsay.
  15. great article on Manning's path to denver

    Me too... since 1960.